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testimonial dean maschner  

We Highly Recommend
We searched for a long time for a business idea that would meet three objectives. One, bring value to our community and serve local needs. Second was a business that we could use to teach our children 10-12 about business and responsibilities. Finally we needed to be successful running it as a side business to our career jobs. The Laughable News was perfect! Great support and content without being restricted by franchise rules. You can run it as is or make it your own.

Dean, Fairbanks, Alaska


testimonial tammy gray  

Thank You Laughable News
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Laughable News. I have been doing my own newsletter the past 3 months. I must say, I really enjoy all the help and support you have as far as downloads, logos, brochures, everything!!! It is a real time saver, keep up the good work!!!

Tammy, Indiana


testimonial ken  

First Rate Company
I was a publisher of The Laughable News several years ago, before my health forced me to stop. I am now looking for a business venture and my first thought was The Laughable News. The support you receive is second to none and it includes anything and everything you need to make your business a success!!

Ken, Alberta


testimonial jody moore  

Laughable News Rocks
Hello my name is @jodyleemoore and I'm a Laughable News publisher. I've been a publisher now for over 4 weeks and absolutely love this business. I looked into several different options in becoming a publisher and Laughable News was without question the best way for me to go. I love the content and the business model. I will be here for years to come. If you are interested in becoming a Laughable News publisher and have any questions feel free to call me. I feel that Laughable News will be in many many places in the near future.

Jody, West Virginia
testimonial tom viviano  

Awesome Paper!
I have been doing sales for 40+ years and have owned four businesses over the years. Out of all the ventures I have taken on, this is not only the most enjoyable, but also the most profitable for the work that is required. All the content is available weekly and you just access and make your changes. Ryan is very helpful and always willing to improve the paper and help grow the business!!!! Love the paper, love the job!!!!!

Tom, Michigan


testimonial mike cancell  

Great Content, Awesome Support
Ryan, I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding support you provide on a consistent basis. Besides doing such a wonderful job at sourcing and building a unique content infrastructure and nurturing a collaborative publishing community, you also go above and beyond with personal support and direct encouragement. BIG Thanks!

Mike, North Carolina


testimonial ryan howe  

The templates from the laughable news are fantastic! They save us the time and effort required to create fresh, new content our readers will enjoy...and our readers love the content! The website offers all the training you'll need in order to create ads and publish a fantastic paper. By using the content, methods and procedures outlined on this site, we have been turning a profit from the very first paper!

Ryan, Texas

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